Creating Powerful, Elegant Websites that are Vibrationally Aligned to You, Your Heart and Your Offerings.

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We are passionate about supporting you share your unique heart and soul codes with the world, creating aligned and powerful websites that represent the essence of who you are and the value of what you contribute the world. We help you to discover and utilise your brand story while maintain a deep heart connection. Through this, we can tailor UX to the specific needs of your clients and to create a platform for you to be truly seen by the world.

Illumina Rose

Illumina Rose is here to anchor divine light, harmony and Love on the planet. She supports people to heal deeply, connect with the source of Love within and align with their divine soul blueprint.

The Ritual Woman

The Ritual Woman with Natalie Bondine invites you to wake up & start dreaming. She creates a space for you to return to you – quieten your mind, deepen your roots , connect to your luscious body & remember you belong.

Leyolah Antara

Leyolah is a long term teacher of the ecstatic healing arts. She is an author, Tantric Shamanic Dance Priestess, mystic, intuitive healer, founder of Kundalini Dance™ and the Temple of Isis Mystery School.

Martina Hughes

Martina is a Love, Intimacy & Relationship expert. She is lovingly devoted to helping people deepen their experience of love, intimacy, and connection within themselves and relationship.

Working with Elestial Designs

My heart feels called to work with Elestial Designs and I would like to find out more.

‘Pippa has done brilliant work on my new website and has a great feel for converting visions to beautiful websites that represent the heart and flavour of the work involved. Pippa, you are awesome, I love your heart and spirit and thanks for building a stunning website that reflects who I am.”

– Martina Hughes
Creator and Founder Tantric Blossoming and Martina Hughes



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