Encoded Artworks

Creating Powerful Encoded Artworks and Social Media Graphics that carry the Vibrational Imprint of your Heart and Soul Codes

Encoded Artworks

Creating Powerful Encoded Artworks and Social Media Graphics that carry the Vibrational Imprint of your Heart and Soul Codes

Vibrationally Encoded Artwork


We are passionate about supporting you to shine through you beautiful aligned, soulful digital media presence. We channel powerful artworks and social media graphics that carry the vibrational imprint of your heart and soul codes, allowing your clients to understand the energy of your offerings simply by witnessing your online presence.

:: Please note all artworks are commissioned pieces and so please respect this and do not use without permission ::

Encoded Artwork Portfolio

Encoded Artwork Portfolio

Creating powerful encoded artworks that are channeled from your soul codes and highest divine appointment. Through the transmission of these pieces,  your clients can feel the energy your offerings simply by being in presence with your online presence.

Gaby Kowalski

Gaby is an incredible galactic abundance and business mentor who supports amazing impact driven business owners across the globe to activate their highest timelines of freedom, abundance and joy in their businesses and lives.

:: Melbourne, Victoria & Global ::

Eliza Kendall

Eliza Kendall is a Higher Dimension Channel on a mission for the New Earth. She is a Star Seed KEY in service to your awakening. Dedicated to creating a world where we can all thrive.

:: Byron Bay, Australia ::

Leyolah Antara

Leyolah offers her leading edge work with White Tantra and Kundalini Shakti through the Temple of Isis Mystery School and Kundalini Dance™ Training. Her work embodies transformation and healing through opening to sexuality and divinity.

:: Byron Bay, Australia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand & Bali, Indonesia ::

Illumina Rose

Illumina Rose is a channel for cosmic and divine forces. She utilises these divine connections to assist in peoples ascension to your highest potential. Using galactic healing and ascension processes, Illumina works through the physical body as a central focus for spiritual growth.

She is passionate about Anchoring Divine Light, Harmony and Love on the Planet. Supporting People to Heal Deeply, Connect with the Source of Love Within and Align with their Divine Soul Blueprint.

:: Based in Geraldton, Western Australia ::

Johanna Arnesson

Johanna’s work is focused on guiding and empowering women to know themselves as divine beings. It is all about supporting women to ground their soul essence into their bodies, knowing their bodys as sacred temples, honoring their feminine cycles and accepting and loving themselves just the way they are, light and shadow.

She is here to guide women to feel their essence from within, to let release old beliefs around menstruation, sexuality and self, and step into their unlimited potential. By slowing down we get to tune in and hear the wisdom of our souls, by resting in our feminine nature as cyclic, wisdom keepers we remember who we are and our connection to our ancestors and the great mother.

:: Based in Copenhagen, Denmark ::

Kirsty Targrass

Kirtsy is a custodian of the Feminine Christ Consciousness & Rose Lineage.
She deeply believes that sensitivity, Sensuality & Softness are our greatest gifts as humans, and will support us to realign and bring balance to our fear based collective consciousness. Fear & darkness  soften once we embrace our own softness and sensitivity.

She is here to ignite a deep remembrance of love in the hearts of many, specifically those who are carriers of the Rose Lineage – both the sisterhood and brotherhood of the rose, invitinte them to be a divine vessel and witness of the Feminine Christ Consciousness & beloved Sophia, the womb of all creation.

:: Based in Melbourne, Australia ::

Sarah Honeysmith

Sarah supports women on their journey to labour and beyond through prenatal yoga. She is passionate about imparting a sense of confidence in the women so that they feel empowered through their birthing journey. She believes in trusting the bodies innate wisdom and encourages deep listening through her classes. She desires to bring positivity to labour, opening to the process as a journey and giving women a sense of community and support from coming to class.

:: Based in Porthleven, United Kingdom ::

Nabia New Mediumship

New & Unique Level of Mediumship & Paranormal Services – ‘The earth is transforming into something more,
God is asking you to feel behind the veils and experience Nabia in her renewed heaven.” ~ Nabia

:: Based in The Netherlands ::

Other Amazing Business’


Your Encoded Artwork Journey

These beautiful vibrationally encoded artworks carry the frequency of your Soul Crystal and the Soul Crystal of your business.


Before our Soul Alchemy Session, I send you a series of enquiries about the essence of your offerings and what your soul is here for and we deepen into it together in the session.


The process involves us having a Soul Alchemy Session via Zoom or Skype and diving into the energy that you are calling through your offerings, connecting with your Soul Codes and opening the channel for them to come through. This session usually takes around 75mins.


I then go into co-creation with your soul and spirit and call through the encoded artworks for you.


It is an absolute honour to co-create these artworks with beautiful humans across the globe. All of my clients are incredible humans who are contributing to raising the vibration of humanity and the earth in one way or another. Their contribution inspired and ignites change as we all come back to Love.

It is  an absolute delight and honour to watch the beautiful artworks emerge from your Souls Highest Divine Blueprint.

Working with Elestial Designs

My heart feels called to work with Elestial Designs and I would like to find out more.

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Graphics

Creating aligned digital graphics supporting you to create a refined, on brand social media presence – allowing your clients to become familiar with your energy and create a rapport with your heart and offerings.

Media Graphics Guildelines

♥ When purchasing media graphics, you will receive standard resolution pieces for use on social media and digital platforms – approx 300kb

♥ You will receive a different version of each piece for your specified platfoms – ie Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp etc

♥ As you are purchasing the images, they are your to use as you please

♥ Works hold the vibration of the Soul Codes and Heart of your offerings

♥ Graphics carry the power and value of your unique offerings

♥ Original images from open source collections unless supplied by you

♥ Works may be added to this gallery with a blurb about what your heart offers the world

♥ If you are exploring this page, we ask that you respectfully honour that these works are covered by copyright and are not available for reuse without permission.

 ♥ With Love and Grace ♥

Working with Elestial Designs

My heart feels called to work with Elestial Designs and I would like to find out more.

‘Pippa is pioneering high vibrational digital design that not only looks good, but feels good too. Aligned and Resonant’

– Samaria Black
Doula, Birthworker and Earth Priestess



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