Soul Code Geometry

Creating Powerful Personalised Geometric Codes, Channeled Specifically for You, Holding the Vibration of your Heart Energy and Soul Offerings.

Soul Code Geometry

Creating Powerful Personalised Geometric Codes, Channeled Specifically for You, Holding the Vibration of your Heart Energy and Soul Offerings.

Your Soul Code Geometry

Elestial Designs creates powerful personalised Soul Code Geometry. Soul Code Geometries are created by chanelling the vibrational imprint of your heart, soul codes and the energy of your offering into a beautiful geometrical symbol.

These codes can be used as a part of your online presence, supporting you to convey the vibrational essence of your heart and offerings with your clients so they can feel you in their being.

:: Please note all artworks are commissioned pieces and so please respect this and do not use without permission ::

Using Your Soul Codes

Utilising your soul codes in your business can support you to share the energy of what you do with the world.

Once you receive your Soul Code Geometry, you can create a lot of unique and artistic effects with them. As you receive both a black and white PNG file of the symbols, you can overlay the Codes onto any image creating a personalised feel. Through using these codes and aligning with your branding, you can create energetic continuity throughout you offerings.

Your Soul Code Journey

The Soul Codes carry the frequency of your Soul Crystal and the Soul Crystal of your business and can be overlaid onto any of your socials, banners and throughout your website.


Before our Soul Alchemy Session, I send you a series of enquiries about the essence of your offerings and what your soul is here for and we deepen into it together in the session.


The process involves us having a Soul Alchemy Session via Zoom or Skype and diving into the energy that you are calling through your offerings, connecting with your Soul Codes and opening the channel for them to come through. This session usually takes around 75mins.


I then go into co-creation with your soul and spirit and call through the Soul Code Geometries for you. We can then go back and forth a couple of times refining the energies and the aesthetic of the Soul Codes as they reach their final expression.


As a finished product, you will receive:

♥  The soul codes in up to 5 different shades (your choice – usually one black, one white and the other 3 matching your branding) .
♥  2 x images with the Soul Code overlaid over the top. These can be used in your digital presence and  can be either an image that you choose or one that I can source for you.


It is an absolute honour to co-create these Soul Code Geometies with beautiful humans across the globe. All of my clients are incredible humans who are contributing to raising the vibration of humanity and the earth in one way or another. Their contribution inspired and ignites change as we all come back to Love.

It is  a wonderful process and beautiful to see the codes emerge and how they can be encoded through your online presence as a whole.

What You Receive

♥ Unique Channeled Geometric Artwork

♥ Black and White PNG version

♥ 3 x other colours PNG version (the match branding)

♥ Codes overlaid over an image – either 2 x images of you, supplied by you or an open source image aligned to you and your offerings

♥ As you are purchasing the artwork, it is yours to use as you please. The PNG files have transparent background and so you can overlay the image over any thing you choose.

♥ As a part of our agreement, we ask that you discreetly credit Elestial Designs on your website

♥ If you are exploring this page, we ask that you respectfully honour that these works are covered by copyright and are not available for reuse without permission.

♥ With Love and Grace ♥


Working with Elestial Designs

My heart feels called to work with Elestial Designs and I would like to find out more.

‘Yet another exquisitely created website Pippa! The design looks stunningly gorgeous and lush! YUM! You are a divine artist my friend!!!’

– Chris Stewart
Creator and Founder of Awakened Living



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