Activated Course Portals

Creating Beautiful, Vibrationally Encoded, Potent Course Portals, that are Aligned to Your Heart and Soul Codes, for Your Online Offerings

Activated Course Portals

Creating Beautiful, Vibrationally Encoded, Potent Course Portals, that are Aligned to Your Heart and Soul Codes, for Your Online Offerings

Course Portal Creations

We are passionate about supporting you share your unique heart and soul codes with the world, creating powerful, user friendly, encoded online course portals for your offerings. We help you to create a thriving online community, attract your soul mate clients, utilising smooth user experience interfaces, creating a divine customer experience for your clients.

Course Portal Features


♥ Beautifully designed and vibrationally encoded sales page for the Online Course

♥ All pages and systems deeply encoded with your unique frequency and divine codes and divine attraction portals that are activated to attract your soul tribe

♥ Beautifully designed and vibrationally encoded portal and sessions

♥ Encoded artwork created and placed throughout the portal and course content

♥ Divinity Code Overlay encoded throughout (Code created seperately)

♥ Individual Lessons within each Course

♥ Individual Topics within each Lesson

♥ Videos, audios, PDF’s and written exercises

♥ Individual Logins for all clients into Membership Area

♥ Personalised Membership Area for each client with access to all enrolled courses

♥ Payment pathways and CRM integrations

♥ Integrated email automation with welcome letter and weekly content updates

♥ Encoded with the frequency of the soul codes and heart intentions of your beautiful heart and mission

♥ Encoded with the unique impact and code of Divine Mission, creating a powerful point of attraction for their Soul Mate clients

Your Alchemical Portal will be a collection of these features,
based on your needs and desires. Please contact us for different packages and information.

Portal Examples

Here are some examples of course portals that have many, if not all of the above features, depending on the client needs and desires for their online presence.

With Divine Light Codes

Personalised Divine Light Codes woven throughout the site as overlays, elements, symbols, and parallax backgrounds or foregrounds – encoding the expression of the whole site with the beautiful soul codes of the offering & creating a potent magnetic point of attraction for soul tribe clients to find you.

Working with Elestial Arts

My heart feels called to work with Elestial Arts and I would like to find out more.

Working with Elestial Arts

My heart feels called to work with Elestial Arts and I would like to find out more.

What Folks Are Saying...

‘Pippa is so much more than a designer; she came into my life as a Divine angel. Throughout the whole process, she has given me a totally unique, supportive, professional, and loving experience.

She has helped me to bring out my true essence, and my soul’s joy and purpose. In addition, she has brought in so much beauty, aesthetics, divine codes, and new perspectives in my life.

If you seek an exceptionally skilled artist and designer, who works at all levels and dimensions, who brings in her heart and soul in her work and who really sees you, if you want to add more beauty, aesthetics, abundance and invest in yourself and your work, then Pippa is the one to contact. You will get so much more than beautiful design’

– Asherah Faye
Divine Feminine Mystic, Priestess of the Isis-Magdalene Lineage,
Sacred Bodywork Practitioner and Temple Priestess

'When I received my Soul Code (now called Divine Light Code) I was very close to crying because I fell in love with it instantly. I love everything about it - I truly, truly do! I am in awe of your magic and gifts and can't wait to share this design and you with others.'

- Kirsty Tagrass
Inviting women back to Faith, Feminine Radiance &
Love through activating their Sophia Rose Christ Template

‘Pippa is pioneering high vibrational digital design that not only looks good, but feels good too. Aligned and Resonant’

Samaria Black
Doula, Birthworker and Earth Priestess

'Wow, you truly are a gift sent by the universe to me. My website looks absolutely amazing. I'm so ecstatic with how it looks. Its like you are in my head because its exactly how I envisioned it. Its been such a pleasure and honour working with you. You have made this so easy for me and I cant thank you enough. You are helping me immensely making my dream and path come to reality. I just wanted to share my gratitude and love with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're an angel. ’

- Illumina Rose
Mystic, Healer and Founder of The Temple of Ancient Light Mystery School

'Working with Pippa is like slipping into the stream of grace - she is a women aligned to creative grace. She is incredibly precise, bringing a presence and wisdom way beyond her years. Her perspectives always drops me deeper into my depth sphere and leaves me feeling into the subtle weavings of my deeper inner realms. It is always a blessings to have her magical star dust sprinkled over my offerings.’

- Leyolah Antara
Creative Producer and Founder of Kundalini Danceand The Temple of Isis Mystery School

'If you have been thinking about finding deep, artistic and full support in the creation of a website, I couldn't recommend Pippa high enough. She is such a beautiful creative soul that has incredible gifts in supporting other peoples vision to soar in the online space.’

- Luke Hickmott
Kundalini Yoga Facilitator and Creative Arts Teacher

'I’ve always known you were magical but your gift of being able to translate the contents of my soul essence and dreams into images and messages and snapshots from my heart is golden... elestial. I just love how you weave it all'

- Lisa Saven
Soul Whisperer, Shamanic Bodywork Practitioner and Cacao Priestess

'Pippa has done brilliant work on my new website and has a great gift for converting visions to beautiful websites that represent the heart and flavour of the work involved. Pippa, you are awesome, I love your heart and spirit and thanks for building a stunning website that reflects who I am.”

- Martina Hughes
Creator and Founder Tantric Blossoming and Martina Hughes



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