Bringing Beauty, majik & High Vibrational Light Codes to the Digital World, Creating a Powerful Online Environment Where Love Leads the Way.

Bringing Beauty, majik & High Vibrational Light Codes to the Digital World, Creating a Powerful Online Environment Where Love Leads the Way.

Welcome to Elestial Arts

Simply by being you, you are of incredible value to the world!
We believe that collectively, we are the wayfarers of a new way
Your heart and soul offerings are a vital part of the New Earth expression and embodiment that we are moving towards.
Each of us carries unique frequencies and contribution that powerfully lead the world into this new paradigm of Love

It’s time for humanity to lead with love!

Elestial Arts is here to bring your unique heart and soul codes into the digital world, creating a powerful online presence that is vibrationally encoded with the refined higher frequencies of your heart, soul, and offerings and carries the imprint and emanation of your highest divine appointment on the planet.

It is Time for you to Shine!

This is our desire for you.
This is our desire for us.
This is our desire for the world.

Co-creating Majik & Alchemy

Your unique heart vibration and soul codes come together to create your aligned and sacred offerings.

I am passionate about connecting the frequencies of your soul & offerings with your digital presence. I create beautiful, aligned and powerful visual representations of your unique blueprint through channelled sacred geometry codes, channelled encoded artworks, light language symbols and activations, powerful soul aligned social media branding and graphics.

I am passionate about creating pathways for you to be truly felt and seen by your community and the world, creating a powerful frequency encoded point of attraction for your clients, thus expanding and aligning the power of your contribution to the world.

I work with amazing New Earth Leaders and Entrepreneurs and across the globe within a multitude of industries and love to share the gift of translating the frequency of your soul and mission into a powerful, refined and bespoke digital presence.

It is time for you to Shine!

Custom Lightcodes

Lightcode Libraries

Encoded Websites

Crystalline Scribe

What Folks Are Saying…

‘I LLLOOOVVVEEEEE ittt!! So awesome Pippa! Yay!!! The Lightcodes and artworks are fantastic, they do all sorts of things to me.. so cool!!! So beautiful sister! I love my Soul Codes! My own Sigal!!! So beautiful. Bless honey so excited to use it!!’

And after using her Soul Codes within her online presence…

‘Sensational Pippa! This is next level! I booked a QHHT client yesterday because she was so called by the Soul Codes you created for me. It was an amazing session where she was a starbeing creating geometry to be sent to the star systems for healing!

It is so amazing to have you code my hearts intentions into my sigil logo!’

– Eliza Kendall

‘Wow, you are so very gifted in your creations and expressions.
Oh my….. I love my Divine Soul Codes so much. They are so beautiful… WOW…. so much gratitude.
Ooh…. love the light language coding. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it – I may even get it as a tattoo hehe!
Thank you so very much for your beautiful creation with my Soul Codes, Encoded Channelled Artworks and amazing Course portal.

Thank you for believing in me and my creation.
Thank you for going ABOVE AND BEYOND.
So much gratitude and love to you magical queen.
So much love and reverence to you!!’

– Maria Highfield
Soul Guide and Sacred Mentor, Creative Producer of Radiant Beauty, Energetic and Intuitive Healer and Reiki Practitioner


‘I really wanted something beautiful, unique, special, and divine. I wanted to give it as a gift to myself, my job as a testimony for all the time, work, and energy that I invest in what I do.

It is an investment I have not regretted!

Pippa is so much more than a artist and designer; she came into my life as a Divine angel. Throughout the whole process, she has given me a totally unique, supportive, professional, and loving experience.

She has helped me to bring out my true essence, and my soul’s joy and purpose. In addition, she has brought in so much beauty, aesthetics, divine codes, and new perspectives in my life.

If you seek an exceptionally skilled artist and designer, who works at all levels and dimensions, who brings in her heart and soul in her work and who really sees you, if you want to add more beauty, aesthetics, abundance and invest in yourself and your work, then Pippa is the one to contact. You will get so much more than beautiful design’

– Asherah Faye
Divine Feminine Mystic, Priestess of the Isis-Magdalene Lineage,
Sacred Bodywork Practitioner and Temple Priestess

”It truly lights my heart up when I look at it! You truly come from divine love with your work and I can feel it in my Encoded Channelled Artworks and Alchemical website.

You are a magical being sharing so much beauty as you leave your footprints of star dust through all your work. You are a magical soul with the most purest loving heart and your work is a reflection of that.

It’s been such a pleasure and honour working with you. You are helping me immensely making my dream and path come to reality. Thank you for all your support! You are absolutely amazing and a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re an angel. ’

– Illumina Rose
Mystic, Healer and Founder of The Temple of Ancient Light Mystery School

‘When I received my Soul Codes, I was very close to crying because I fell in love with it instantly. I love everything about it – I truly, truly do! I am in awe of your magic and gifts and can’t wait to share this design and you with others.’

– Kirsty Tagrass
Inviting women back to Faith, Feminine Radiance &
Love through activating their Sophia Rose Christ Template

My Encoded Channelled Artworks and designs are absolutely amazing! I LOVE them so much!! I’m so happy with them – thank you so so much!’

Johanna Lily
Feminine Embodiment
+ S≈xuality Coach
Women’s Tantric Arts Facilitator
Earth Priestess

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