Emanating Potent Frequencies to Activate, Transmute, Transmit, and Anchor Specific Embodiments in Your Life, Business, & World

Emanating Potent Frequencies to Activate, Transmute, Transmit, and Anchor Specific Embodiments in Your Life, Business, & World

What Are Lightcodes?

A Lightcode is a collection of data woven together into a symbol that emits particular frequency sequences that has a profound effect on the world around it.

You may have noticed that when gazing at a Lightcode, it moves something inside you. You may have noticed that your heart responds in particular ways and that sometimes you just want to gaze at it and be near it. Sometimes, just glimpsing a Lightcode will move something profoundly deep in you and you will feel a powerful surge of energy – a lift in energy, a wave of emotion, a feeling of excitement or anticipation.

By nature of the laws of resonance, when you are near one that carries vibrations and energies that are resonant with yours or that will help you to thive into higher alignment, you will feel a connection with the Lightcode.

You will want to be near it.
You will want to gaze at it.
You will feel a burst of energy in response to it
You may even want to have it inside your heart.

It is so beautiful when this resonance occurs. It expands the love within our whole field and ripples out to the world in a powerful way.

Because they are frequency transmissions that shares information like ripples through the quantum fabric of our universe, when we tune in to these sequences or codes, we can see, hear, or feel their patterning as a transmission of energy.

And because they are made of woven light  signals and data, they bypass the mind and communicate directly with the heart and field. When interacting with a lightcode,  your whole bodies sensory system responds with a deep and unmistakable resonance. Your mind may not know what is happening, yet body, heart and soul light up in its presence.

This is the majik of Lightcodes – they communicate so far beyond the cognitive mind and beeline straight for the heart and soul. This is once of the reasons they can have such a profound healing effect on people and the world around us, as the deeply patterned mind is no match for these refined frequency forms

What are they for?

Lightcodes are powerful quantum technologies, that can support you in your personal evolution journey as well as your business expansion and expression.

They can be used in your personal evolution journey, clearing, activating and anchoring embodiments, in your rituals, ceremonies, meditations, activations and alchemy, to amplifying manifestation and life creation majik, adorning your temple space, and can to frequency encode the body in the form of a tattoo.

In your business, they can be placed within branding, marketing, websites, social media, with clients, and printed on merchandise, as it raises the frequency of your online presence and business to the highest timelines of contribution and abundance, whilst deepening your own souls art and life satisfaction.

When I am channelling Lightcodes, either for individual beings or for the collective, I am weaving light frequencies in very specific sequences. The lightcodes are frequency technologies that transmit different energies, and can be woven together to emit specific energies for particular intentions.
It might be for
♥ The confident expression of an individuals divine gifts…
♥ Remembering ones true divine nature…
♥ Opening and healing of the collective heart…
♥ Reconnecting with Joy…
♥ Reframing synaptic pathways…
♥ The possibilities of their emanation are infinite!

Becasue the nature and weave of the Lightcodes I create are extremely high frequency and intricate, they require a high light quotient to channel through and take many many hours in the creation field.

Through their presence, there is an alchemical transformation that occurs in our light bodies, bringing healing, transmutation, opening to higher timelines, higher realm awareness, alignment, love, connection, and a greater sense of oneness.

Connecting with Lightcodes

The more we spend time in stillness or connecting with nature, the more we attune to the subtle realms.
And the more we attune to the subtle realms and the space between, the quantum fabric of light, more we can see, hear, feel, and sometimes even smell these Lightcodes.

Connecting with Lightcodes generally comes as a deep spiritual remembering occurs.
As we journey deeply into the depth of our soul whilst connecting deeply with Gaia and the Cosmos, our human self begins to remember its relationship with these beautiful lightcodes.

Their foundational frequency emanation is Love and when working with a lightcode, like any relationship, a fostered connection deepens over time. Lightcodes reveal unfolding layers of information and light as we work with them ongoing. They share that which we are able to assimilate and integrate as any one time and then continue to share when we are ready for the next layer. And again, your mind may not know what is happening, yet your heart will be flying high with the soulful resonance and transformation

They are a quantum technology that have very real world applications.
Transmute, connect, alchemise, enhance, increase, advance, open, release, ignite, remember… the possibilities are infinite!

If you have been drawn to this page, the remembering is occurring or has occurred.
Your heart responds to the frequencies of the Lightcode technologies and your soul has an innate knowing of their immense and loving potency.
For some, your mind may be a little confused by the whole thing, yet your heart and body feeeeel in response to them.
This is the remembering!
It is beautiful and it is powerful!
Welcome home!

We are at a time in the world where these remembering are happening on a grand scale, as we have reached the moment in our evolution where the frequency of the earth, the cosmos, and our human forms is relatable enough in frequency to be able to connect. We are in the midst of a wonderful moment in our experience and your heart, gifts, and love are needed more than ever!

We are the physical foot hold for our divinity
and it is through living our most wonderful lives,
that our unique codes and gifts have the farthest
reaching loving ripple effect on our planet.

It’s Time For Us All Shine Our Light!

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