Custom Lightcodes For Heart-centred Evolutionary Wayfarers

Custom Lightcodes For Heart-centred Evolutionary Wayfarers

Because you are an incredible heart-centred evolutionary wayfarer, your understanding of the quantum nature of our universe is ever deepening & you have an unshakable connection to your Soul.

Your beautiful heart leads the way in life, and you are devoted to lifting the vibration of our world through your loving presence & powerful contribution – in self, family, business, and even simply walking down the street. You are passionate about increasing compassion and understanding on our planet and supporting humanity to come into expansion through Love.

Your beautiful heart has a growing awareness of the power and potency of quantum technologies such as Sacred Geometries and Lightcodes, and are now ready to take the next step in your beautiful evolution and ascension journey by receiving & embodying your own personalised channelled Sacred Lightcode! Yay! Such a wonderful thing!

These are the simplest of the custom channelled Lightcodes & emanate specific potent  frequencies to activate, transmute, transmit, & anchor particular embodiments in your life, business, & world.

They are simpler than the other tailored lightcodes and are woven with a few very specific, timely frequencies or embodiments aligned to this moment in your evolution or business. They are a wonderful starting point if you are wanting something deeply personal and powerful, and are not yet ready for the other two larger, more intricate lightcode packages or would like multiple transmission codes for a specific offering.

They can be used in your personal evolution journey, clearing, activating and anchoring embodiments, to encode your online presence, or in transmissions with with your beautiful clients.

These custom Majikal Artistry Lightcodes gracefully deepen and expand your personal evolution & soul ascension journey, as they open pathways for you to fully remember and further anchor the powerful, loving embodiment of your divine gifts and birth your divine offerings.

They anchor the the embodiment of your unique divine blueprint, so that you can express yourself with soulful confidence and magnetic humility, bringing a deep knowing the value of all that you are and all that you share, whilst anchoring you into higher timelines of love, sacred gifts, soul expression, abundance, appreciation and joy.

They can be used in your meditations, activations and alchemy, to amplifying manifestation and life creation majik, through your online presence, and can even be used to frequency encode the body in the form of a tattoo.

This majikal creation journey is calling me!!!
I have read the appropriate Tailored Lightcode Package Information
And I m ready to book in a channeled conversation with Pippa to discuss the next steps.

Please note all artworks are commissioned pieces.
Please respect this and do not use without permission

Please note all artworks are commissioned pieces. Please respect this and do not use without permission