Custom Channeled Soul Code Geometries To Activate Your Beautiful Products, Aligning them with their Highest Timeline Destiny & Contribution

Custom Channeled Soul Code Geometries To Activate Your Beautiful Products, Aligning them with their Highest Timeline Destiny & Contribution

Product Destiny Soul Codes

Your beautiful products carry a frequency of their own and emanate a very unique soul signature They are alive! This Product Destiny Soul Code is perfect for those who have an amazing product or offering and they would like an equisite soul aligned Lightcode to print on their merchandise or to weave through their online offering.

When we honour the frequency of our products and offerings, and become custodians of their divine destiny, their contribution to our beautiful world is anchored. They need us, as the physical foot hold for their divine mission in service to Love on our planet.

Through this journey, you will receive your own personalised channelled Product Destiny Soul Codes, carrying the specific vibrational imprint of your products divine soul, unique frequency and sacred mission & contribution.

They are here as quantum transmitter, to support your beautiful products to come into their fullest expression & reach in the world.

These powerful Product Destiny Soul Codes are channelled specifically for you, and are co-created deep in channeled frequency states, in divine collaboration with your incredible guides and ethereal team.

We weave the unique frequencies of your products heart, energy and purpose into a beautiful sacred lightcode, creating a powerful emanation and beautiful magnetic point of attraction for those who are destined to receive from it.

When we imprint our products with the artwork of the Soul Code – both physically and energetically – and weave its presence through your marketing and online presence, we create multidimensional points of attraction for your beautiful products to fulfil their destiny and attract their soul mate customers.




Soul Alchemy Pre-work

Your journey begins with a workbook that takes your into unlocking deeper layers of your mission & contribution on our beautiful planet, your products mission, deeper connection to your soul family, and a deeper connection to your unique soul gifts, preparing your for your Soul Alchemy Session

You will be guided to create a Pinterest Board, gathering together energies and visuals that appeal to your Soul and the Soul of your product.

Private Soul Alchemy Session

Inside of this session we will go deep into the Quantum and connect directly with your Soul Signature Frequency and Soul Gifts and Codes, and the divine Soul of your product.

We will call through the highest divine frequencies and expression of your beautiful Product and begin code the field with them.

During this session, there will be aspects of frequencies that are currently within your field that will be alchemised and transformed because they are not in full alignment with your Product’s soul signature frequency and highest divine expression.

As this alchemy occurs, we will then receive the FULL collection of frequencies for your products soul mission, and these frequencies will begin to code you and your product.

We are releasing programs that no longer serve you and uploading the full new beautiful template into your being.

Channelled Soul Code Creation

After this session, I gather the codes and energies that we received, and go into the quantum and will co-create with your soul family, your soul, the soul of your product, and your soul signature frequency.

This process occurs in deep channeled frequency states within an alchemical creation chamber and it takes many hours to receive and translate the codes. I receive both the frequency aspects of your soul signature codes, and the visual aspects, that will come together to form your Soul Code Geometry.

Messages, visuals, light language coding, frequencies, and creation elements arrive into my field throughout the creation period – sometimes in the middle of the night in a dream or in the early hours of the morning when the veils are thin – requesting expression through your Soul Codes. Over the creation period, your codes speak to me day and night, and the light quotient & energy required to channel them is high and refined.

During the 3 – 5  week creation period, I spend many hours in the creation filed bringing it all together and translating it into a physical art creation that you are able to use in your world and online presence.

Once the process has started you may feel some energies moving in your field as it is a co-creation and I am working intimately with your Soul frequencies and your Soul family. This weaving is done with the upmost love, resepect, and reverence, and only ever where permissions are granted.

You may also not feel much, that is ok too. It s different or every person. Much is weaving and unfolding in the subtle realms and it is all whole and complete. Please move gently with your yourself and give yourself permission to move softly during this time.

Artwork Refinement Co-Creation

Once I have called through the design of your Soul Codes, I will send you a copy of the codes and if there is anything that your Soul is wishing to add to the codes or refine about the codes, we can refine your Soul Code together (up to 2 x refinements)

Minor edits only. The codes that have come through are channelled frequency technology that has come together in a constellation of symbols that carries its most powerful form. Therefore, we can make edits to the texture, colour and shade, and only minor edits to form.

Artwork Activation Ceremony

Once we have completed the design of your Soul Codes, I will perform a long distance activation ceremony in which all of the expressions, codes, transmissions, and frequencies within the Code are anchored into their highest divine timelines.

I will anchor your Soul signature frequency and Soul as the custodian of the codes and release the alchemical creation chamber.

Artwork Files Of Your Soul Code

Once the code has been activated and anchored, and the ceremonial field completed, I will send you a collection of files for you to use within your world and web presence.

Files will be png files with transparent backgrounds in 300dpi (print resolution)

You will receive 6 x versions of your Soul Code (PNG files @ 300dpi)
– 3 x Gold, Silver & White
– 3 x Your Brand Colours

Brand Aligned Artwork Image Files

You will receive a couple of encoded images to use within your marketing and web presence. These will be brand aligned images with your Soul Code overlaid
onto them. I will add some creative frequency and visual encoding to the images.

Brand aligned base images to be supplied by you.
Files will be jpg files in 300dpi (print resolution)

You will receive:
2 x Encoded Images with the Product Destiny Soul Code overlaid onto them.

Text Support Line

During the creation phase of the journey, majik and alchemy are occurring in your field, as previous frequencies and ways of being are transmuted and new timelines of possibility are woven in.

All of this is in alignment with your highest divine blueprint, and sometimes you may feel like you are flying high and sometimes things might feel a little challenging.

You have acccess to me through a text support line, for you to share your insights and breathtroughs, as well as your challenges. This way, you receive support along the way and integrate any shifts and changes more gracefully.

I am available to respond to the support line weekdays within reasonable hours. Over the 5 week period, you have 3 support lines available to you and I will respond to messaged within 24hours during the week.

Custom Light Language Mantra

As a part of your package, you will receive a potent Light Language Mantra to amplify and compliment the potency and power of your Lightcode.

You will receive a phonetic sound sequence that have come through specifically for you and for this particular lightcodes expression in the world. They are very beautiful and unique sound frequencies and can be chanted during your rituals and ceremonies to further anchor the embodiment of your divine gifts in the world.

Exclusive Licence  Information

Because you have commissioned your Soul Code, you have Exclusive Rights to the artwork.

♥The Exclusive Licence gives you unlimited use of the Soul Code in your online presence, printed marketing, merchanside print runs, printing for ceremony or wall art, and sharing with your clients.
♥ Others may not use the artwork without permission.
♥ Includes permission for print runs and  merchandise.
For full licence information, please CLICK HERE

Product Destiny Information Brochure

Please enter your email here to download the Soul Code pricing and information brochure

Soul Code PDF Download

We are the physical foot hold for our divinity
and it is through living our most wonderful lives,
that our unique codes and gifts have a lasting
and loving ripple effect on our planet.

It is Time for us all to be Shining out Light!

I have read the product features, read the downloaded the product information brochure, tuned into my soul, and this majikal creation journey is calling me. I would love to book in a channeled conversation with Pippa to discuss the next steps.

What Folks Are Saying…

I really wanted something beautiful, unique, special, and divine. I wanted to give it as a gift to myself, my job as a testimony for all the time, work, and energy that I invest in what I do.

It is an investment I have not regretted

Pippa is so much more than a artist and designer; she came into my life as a Divine angel. Throughout the whole process, she has given me a totally unique, supportive, professional, and loving experience.

She has helped me to bring out my true essence, and my soul’s joy and purpose. In addition, she has brought in so much beauty, aesthetics, divine codes, and new perspectives in my life.

If you seek an exceptionally skilled artist and designer, who works at all levels and dimensions, who brings in her heart and soul in her work and who really sees you, if you want to add more beauty, aesthetics, abundance and invest in yourself and your work, then Pippa is the one to contact. You will get so much more than beautiful design

– Asherah Faye
Divine Feminine Mystic, Priestess of the Isis-Magdalene Lineage,
Sacred Bodywork Practitioner and Temple Priestess

‘I LLLOOOVVVEEEEE ittt!! So awesome Pippa! Yay!!! The symbols are fantastic and do all sorts of things to me.. so cool!!! So beautiful sister! I love my Soul Code! My own Sigal!!! So beautiful. Bless honey so excited to use it!!’

And after using the Soul Lightcode…

‘Sensational Pippa! This is next level! I booked a QHHT client yesterday because she was so called by the Soul Code you created for me.  It was an amazing session where she was a starbeing creating geometry to be sent to the star systems for healing!’

– Eliza Kendall

‘Wow, you are so very gifted in your creations and expressions.
Oh my….. I love my Soul Codes so much. They are so beautiful… WOW…. so much gratitude.
Ooh…. love the light language coding. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it – I may even get  it as a tattoo!
Thank you so very much for your beautiful creation with my Soul Code and amazing Course portal.

Thank you for believing in me and my creation.
Thank you for going ABOVE AND BEYOND.
So much gratitude and love to you magical queen.
So much love and reverence to you!!’

– Maria Highfield
Soul Guide and Sacred Mentor, Creative Producer of Radiant Beauty, Energetic and Intuitive Healer and Reiki Practitioner

”It truly lights my heart up when I look at it!  You truly come from divine love with your work and I can feel it in my website.

You are a magical being sharing so much beauty as you leave your footprints of star dust through all your work. You are a magical soul with the most purest loving heart and your work is a reflection of that.

It’s been such a pleasure and honour working with you. You are helping me immensely making my dream and path come to reality. Thank you for all your support! You are absolutely amazing and a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re an angel.

– Illumina Rose
Mystic, Healer and Founder of The Temple of Ancient Light Mystery School

‘When I received my Soul Code, I was very close to crying because I fell in love with it instantly. I love everything about it – I truly, truly do! I am in awe of your magic and gifts and can’t wait to share this design and you with others.’

– Kirsty Tagrass
Inviting women back to Faith, Feminine Radiance & Love through activating their Sophia Rose Christ Template

My artworks are absolutely amazing! I LOVE them!! I’m so happy with them – thank you so so much!’

Johanna Lily
Feminine Embodiment
+ S≈xuality Coach
Women’s Tantric Arts Facilitator
Earth Priestess

Please note all artworks are commissioned pieces.
Please respect this and do not use without permission

Please note all artworks are commissioned pieces. Please respect this and do not use without permission