“I have read the brochure in detail, tuned into my soul, and this majikal creation journey is calling me. I am ready to book in a chat to find out about the next steps….”


Thank you for listening to your beautiful hearts impulse. I would love to hear a bit about you and your sacred contribution to our beautiful planet.
Please give yourself 10 minutes or so to read and fill out this form
Within 7 days of receiving your application, I will get back to you about the next steps.

1. Please connect in with your heart & fill in this form
2. I will review it and get in touch with you about next steps
3. If your application is successful we will book in a 20-minute chat to tune into our frequency alignment and feel if we are a good fit.
4. If everything aligns…
I will then send your Invoice, Terms & Conditions, & Sacred Agreement
You sign and pay
5. We book in your Soul Alchemy Session
6. I will send you your prework for you to return to me at least 3 business days before our session
7. And the majik and alchemy begins!!

Soul Code Application Form
I am feeling called to co-create a Soul Code with you... *
Please fill out the related section below
What are you calling into being in your world? What codes do you currently embody and what codes do you desire to embody? What about this makes your heart sing?
Please tell me a little about the heart and soul of your product and what it is here to share with the world. What about this makes your heart sing?
Please tell me about the heart and soul of your business / mission? What does your soul long to contribute to the world? What about this makes your heart sing?
(Eg. Love, Majik, Alchemy, Ascension, Awakening, Divine Service, Abundance, Contribution, Connection, Heart Centred Living, Creative Expression etc)
On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to your loving contribution to this beautiful Earth? (10 being 100% committed) *
What is the timeline for the completion of this project? *
What is your budget for this project? (amount in AUD) *
Please note - Payment Plan options for the above products begin at around $1100/month. These are highly personalised channelled artworks. If you are looking for something at a lower price point, please have a look at the Lightcode Collections.

Thank you beautiful one.

I will be in touch within the next 7 days to book in a time to chat.