SACRED OFFERINGS – Co-creating Majik 💫🧚‍♀️💕

What a gift to co-create with you, beautiful ones!

I feel so honoured to co-create with incredible, majikal, heartful beings all over the world 🌏

The beauty and immensity of your hearts explodes my own heart open on the regular 💕

When I co-create majik, artworks, designs and sessions with clients, I create a beautiful intentional alchemical space to hold the Sacred Container of our creations.

This Crystalline Field holds…
… the frequency of the highest light of love
… the encoded imprint of their soul frequency
… the celebration and knowing of these incredible Souls innate value and wonder
… the Soul Crystal that transmits and emanates their unique collection of codes
… their team and my team of incredible galactic, celestial, angelic, earth, and other realm guides
… and a whole collection of powerful loving galactic technology from my galactic and celestial friends

It feels so so amazing to create from within these fields

I feel so touched that these beautiful souls entrust the essence of their creations with me and my heart.


Today I have the honour of sitting down at my creation station to begin another co-creation with beautiful Kirsty Targrass , whose embodiment of the Sacred Feminine, the Rose Code Mysteries and Sophia Christ Consciousness is both moving and inspiring.

The field feels incredible and is imbued with so much grace that it is palpable.

Loving you all