Elestial Designs

Bringing Beauty, Elegance & High Vibrational Codes to the Digital World, Creating a Powerful Online Environment Where Love Leads the Way.

Elestial Designs

Bringing Beauty, Elegance & High Vibrational Codes to the Digital World, Creating a Powerful Online Environment Where the Love Leads the Way.

Website & Course Portal

Please fill in the form below to get an estimate and creation plan for your beautiful web presence.

Alchemical Co-creation Information Form (Websites & Portals)
Please tell me about the heart and soul of your business? What does your Soul long to contribute to the world? If your business was a person, what would their purpose be on this planet?
(Eg. Love, Awakening, Sacred Service, Abundance, Contribution, Connection, Alchemy, Majik, Heart Centred Living, Creative Expression etc)
Design Majik and Co-creation Needs *
On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you towards the actualisation of this co-creation? (10 being 100% committed) *
Current Web Presence - Please tick applicable boxes *
(Examples: elegant, simple, modern, vibrant, clean, bold, innovative, bright, calming, luscious, minimal, etc.) This is the atmosphere and aesthetics of the site - we will dive deeply into the energetic encoding and transmission of your site when we have our 1:1 session to deepen the download of what we are calling through for your site.
Will you be needing imagery / encoded artwork? *
Do you have a brand and colour pallet you wish to use?
What do you need your beautiful website to do? What functions do you need?
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If you are selling products / services through your site, would you like...
What is your estimated budget for our co-creation? Please share a realistic assessment of what you plan to spend to help me determine the most aligned approach for your project. We have payment plans available.
In some instances, we have Payment Plan or Finance options available for you. These options are pending various financial qualifications. If you were eligible for a payment plan, what would be a your monthly budget?
What is the timeline for the completion of this project?
Please note that we are usually booked up a couple of months in advance for larger projects.

Thank you!

I will be in touch shortly with an estimate and possible pathways for working together. If we are a good vibrational match for working together, we can then set up a 1:1 session to dive deeply into our co-creation.


What Folks Are Saying…

‘Wow, you truly are a gift sent by the universe to me. My website looks absolutely amazing. I’m so ecstatic with how it looks. Its like you are in my head because its exactly how I envisioned it. Its been such a pleasure and honour working with you. You have made this so easy for me and I cant thank you enough. You are helping me immensely making my dream and path come to reality. I just wanted to share my gratitude and love with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re an angel. ’

– Illumina Rose
Mystic, Healer and Founder of The Temple of Ancient Light Mystery School

‘Working with Pippa is like slipping into the stream of grace – she is a women aligned to creative grace. She is incredibly precise, bringing a presence and wisdom way beyond her years. Her perspectives always drops me deeper into my depth sphere and leaves me feeling into the subtle weavings of my deeper inner realms. It is always a blessings to have her magical star dust sprinkled over my offerings.’

– Leyolah Antara
Creative Producer and Founder of Kundalini Danceand The Temple of Isis Mystery School

‘If you have been thinking about finding deep, artistic and full support in the creation of a website, I couldn’t recommend Pip high enough. She is such a beautiful creative soul that has incredible gifts in supporting other peoples vision to soar in the online space.’

– Luke Hickmott
Kundalini Yoga Facilitator and Creative Arts Teacher

‘I’ve always known you were magical but your gift of being able to translate the contents of my soul essence and dreams into images and messages and snapshots from my heart is golden… elestial. I just love how you weave this all into the way you approach web design.’

– Lisa Saven
Soul Whisperer, Shamanic Bodywork Practitioner and Cacao Priestess



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